Sno: Name and Nature of the Project Client Contract
Value in Million
1. Four laning of NH-24 from Km 27.643 to 48.638 and construction of Hapur Bypass NHAI 1153.61
2. Rehabilitation and upgrading of Surat-Manor section of NH-8, SMTP-II PEL Mumbai 2550.00
3. Widening to 4 lanes and Rehabilitation of Existing 2-lane carriageway of Krishnagiri-Vaniyambadi section of NH-46 (Package KR-1) NHAI 1714.25
4. Widening to 4/6 lanes and Strengthening of the existing 2-lane carriageway from km 178.00 to 222.00 (Nellore - Kavali) of NH-5 (Package AP-11) NHAI 1612.19
5. Rehabilitation and Strengthening of (i) Morena – Sabalgarh Section SH-2 and (ii) Sabalgarh - Shampur Section SH-23 MPRDC Bhopal 848.1
6. Widening and Strengthening of 42kms stretch of Madurai-Kanyakumari NH-7 section from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. (Package NS-43) NHAI 2014.10
7. Construction of Major Bridge Across River Godavari (Length 1.780 Kms) and its approaches (Length 18.690 Kms) at Eturunagaram on Hyderabad – Bhoopalapatnam Road of NH No. 163 (Old NH No. 202) including realignment in 1.960 Km length at 5 locations between Km 284/150 to 298/200-910 in the State of Andhra Pradesh under LWE Scheme SE, NH Circe,
8. Bijapur-Hungund Project(Package-KNT-05) 4 Laning of Bijapur-Hungund Section of NH-13 from Km 102.00 to Km 202.00 in the State of Karnataka under NHDP Phase-III costing ` 8250.00 million by SPV Viz. Bijapur- Hungund Tollway Pvt. Ltd., through M/s. Sadbhav Engineering Ltd., under EPC contract to M/s. KNRCL. SEL 8250.00
9. Widening and strengthening of 18 km stretch of Lumbding-Lanka National Highway from single lane to 4 lanes in the State of Assam. (Package AS-15) NHAI 1510.46
10. Widening and strengthening of Nagaon- Dharamtul National Highway from 2 lanes to 4 lanes in the State of Assam (Package AS-18). NHAI 3297.70
11. Widening to 4/6 lanes of NH-7 of Madurai-Kanyakumari section in the State of Tamil Nadu from Km 203 to Km 234.690 (Package NS-32). NHAI 1980.52
12. Balance work of widening to 4/6 lanes and strengthening of existing 2-lane carriageway of NH-5 in the state of Orissa from Km. 284.000 to Km. 338.000 (Ganjam–Sunakhala), Construction Package OR-VII NHAI 1865.87
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