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KNR Constructions Limited was incorporated during 1995. Prior to becoming a limited liability company it was known as K.Narasimha Reddy KNR Constructions Limited was incorporated during 1995. Prior to becoming a limited liability company it was known as K.Narasimha Reddy & Co. doing infrastructure development for nearly two and half decades. KNR Constructions Limited has its registered office at 12th Square Building, 3rd Floor, Road no:12, Banjarahills, Hyderabad-500034.

Way back in the year 1968 ...

a spirited individual had a dream....

the dream of creating a strong infrastructure for India ...

A dream which has no parallel in Indian history...

A Dream called KNR Constructions Ltd.

Working Under severe constraints at that time, K.N.Reddy, trained in military discipline, set a new trend in the quality of construction - a benchmark which became history when the Asian Development Bank granted KNR Constructions the status of main contractor for roads in 1994; through they were only sub contractors. and that is not all through the decades KNR constructions has created many milestones, each speaking volumes of its clear vision - the highest quality at most competitive cost.

With each year the company kept on consolidating of its experiences and expertise, and continued to acquire the latest equipment, employing up - to - date technology to ensure that the roads they built will become landmarks for years and years to come.

And that is exactly how it is recognized today, as the foremost in construction, with several projects all over the country, each representing the pride of the nation.

For KNR every assignment is a challenge, and begins at the stage of bidding for the tender itself, every minute aspect is taken into consideration and no compromise; absolutely no compromises are accepted in the scope of work. So much so that they have been commissioned to widen the same roads built by them from a single lane to double, to four and six lanes.

For KNR the sole objective was to create a track of timely delivery, with no penalty and no defects, and this company achieved effortless, because engrained in their thinking process itself was the mission to be recognized as a forerunner of quality construction. Its working ethos is "to get out of a contract with flying colors and not just getting it".

Simultaneously, K.N.Reddy became instrumental in inspiring other large construction companies to venture beyond their scope of work and take on huge projects to help build a stronger nation.

Every project has tested KNR's mettle, and his personal involvement at every stage which has created wonders, a quality which has been inculcated through the hierarchy of the entire organization, its key people, all the executors and vendors.

Today KNR Constructions has over 600 workforce with over 100 senior qualified engineers; whose contribution to every project has brought in, a host of rewards and recognitions from commissioning authorities all over the country - certifying their work as the best in the country.

AN ISO 9001 : certified company , KNR's spotless reputation is complimented with its in-house technical capabilities to maintain its machines, so as not to loose a single day due to failure or depend upon exterior agencies to serve them.

It is his bold spirit of hearing every tomorrow with further dedication that drives the company to keep on fine tuning strategic cost controls - translating into benefits for the commissioning agencies , reinforcing their trust and their reliability.

Now almost three and half decades later KNR constructions is perfectly poised to cross our national boundaries and make a mark in countries abroad - venturing into BOD and large irrigation.
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